The Family that Reads Together…

My husband and I are big readers. Hopefully that will rub off on our children, too. ūüôā Many of our Christmas gifts are books. ¬†Here’s our haul this year:

My Books

stack of books

My stack of books generally isn’t very big because I do most of my reading on my Kindle. ¬†In addition to these books, I got a healthy amount of Amazon gift cards which I’ll use throughout the year (or as long as it lasts!) to work through my TBR list¬†(which is sitting at 257 books long at the time of this writing).

Here’s what was under my tree:

My husband also bought me  by  as a Kindle book.

With my Amazon gift cards, I’ve already purchased the following on my Kindle:

I’m planning to buy several Josh Lanyon books, probably starting with¬†¬†and¬†.

What will I read first? Not sure yet. First I have to finish  by  which I have on loan from the library.

Hubby’s Books

stack of books

My husband usually receives a huge stack of books for Christmas. This year’s stack is small compared to previous years. Here’s what he got:

Not pictured:

Son’s Books (3rd grade)


stack of books


My son isn’t as big of a reader as I’d like, so I was happy that he got some books, too (that he asked for!):

Not Pictured:

Daughter’s Books (2 years)


My daughter didn’t actually receive any books for Christmas, but she did get a book sling to hold all the books she already owns. ¬†(Hopefully they will all fit — we’re still gathering them together.) ¬†Organization for the win!


Did you get any books this holiday season? Which are you itching to read first? (or have already finished!)

2 thoughts on “The Family that Reads Together…

  • Posted on December 30, 2012 at 7:59 pm

    I’ve been meaning to tell you about the Emotion Thesaurus. Awesome! She has a 30ish page companion with more emotions listed that you can print, too.

    My DS loves those Origami Star Wars books. Dang, I only got one book for Christmas!

    • Posted on December 30, 2012 at 11:21 pm

      I’ve seen the website, but figured the book would be a handy reference. I’ll have to check out that companion for it, thanks.

      Taking this month off from writing has been good for me. I’m excited to start back up again. You know, until I actually sit down and start working. Then I’ll be tearing my hair out again. :-/ But it’s all very exciting in my head! lol


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