Six-Sentence Sunday: NaNo Week 1

It’s been a full week since my last post.  Oops.  Well, what can I say? It’s November; NaNoWriMo has begun!

How’s it going?

It’s … going.  I’m a little behind. You can see my word count on the right. As of last night, I should have been up to 16,667.  But it’s all good. I could have a few really good days and catch up, right?


Anyway, I thought during November, I’d participate in Six-Sentence Sunday and share some of my NaNo story.  I had been planning to write a young adult novel involving a robotics competition.  Then 12:01 AM November 1st, after the magic of Halloween had come to an end, I suddenly decided I didn’t want to work on that story after all.

Instead, I decided to pick up on an old short story I had wanted to write a couple years ago and expand it into a short novel.  It’s an adult romance, not young adult.

(And remember, it’s NaNo — that means it’s fast-drafted and unedited!)

Jeremy knew what could have happened. He could still feel his hands being held behind his back, the sharp edge of the table cutting into his waist with every thrust. The skin burns. The pain. The grunts behind him.

And it could have all happened again, right here in his own home.

The cheesy, working title is Shots on Goal,  and the tentative summary is:

Brett has just weeks left on his contract with his minor league team to prove he deserves a spot in the NHL when a wrong move aggravates an old injury. When he learns the figure skater he’s admired from afar is also a skilled massage therapist, he sees a chance to save his dream.

Jeremy loves dancing on the ice, but his dream to be a professional figure skater died before it began.  To keep his massage therapy business alive, he’ll need to take on more clients, which leaves less time for preparing for the upcoming skating competition.  So when Brett offers to pay Jeremy double for his treatment, saying no is difficult even though Jeremy usually refuses to treat male athletes. Especially huge hockey players who sneer at gay figure skaters.

As Jeremy’s hands work their magic over Brett’s muscles, Brett must break through Jeremy’s walls and convince him  he’s not the homophobic jerk he appears to be…while also hiding his injury from his coach and his sexuality from everyone but Jeremy.


Hope you enjoyed the little snippet. Be sure to check out the other Six-Sentence Sunday participants!


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